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Hello, I'm @cyanidedansen !

I make music on and i love retro square-y sounds. I played shows all around the world, and I'm always ready for more :)

I organise and chiptune-adjacent shows in Paris ; i also do some illustration work from time to time.

Have a good stay 🥰🥰

If anyone is looking for a mandarin translator, I am very experienced in working with medias. I have plenty of time at present, so yeah, I can translate any or People's Daily shits for you. And if I can translate those nonsense, I can translate anything that makes sense. Please fedi peeps, I need jobs!!



Personal question… do you snack while in vr? If so, what’s your go to?


journée visbilité bi, biphobie 

tu es une meuf bi = les mecs te trouvent trop gouine et les meufs te trouvent trop COMPLICE AVEC LES PRATIQUES PATRIARCALES = eh ben qu'ils ragent <3

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journée visbilité bi, biphobie 

journée de la visibilité bi apparemment ou un truc comme ça, rappel que être bi ça veut dire relationner/être attiré par plusieurs genres.
ça ne veut pas dire "incruster la masculinité toxique ou le patriarcat dans des cercles queer" (qui magiquement en seraient dépourvus? hmmm)(vraie quote mdr)

there's really not much literature on the subject except this old article in french from 1975
but ultimately, in my culture we believe that:
- the spirit and the body are two separate entities that form a single one
- sleep is the domain of spirits and allows you to talk with people you love
- (CW Death) this is why Malagasy have a second burial called famadihana, which is meant to recall the ambiroa, the spirit of the deceased, to never forget your ancestors

au sujet de twitter 

je me suis fait mettre au coin pendant une journée parce que j'ai poliment envoyé chier une vieille égoïste qui a décidé que le covid c'est terminé, en se branlant complet des autres

si j'avais su que j'allais me faire lock j'y serais allée à fond

Muting a lot of twitter accounts these days i stg I'm getting exhausted by the discourse

If you're near Koblenz and wanna hear some chiptunes & see some cool visuals :

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i tried to tell her! i told lizzie, "dont fuck the cube!" but she wouldnt listen

Me yesterday: haha buttchess

Me earlier today: oh no people expect me to actually build buttchess

Me right now: ok but the idea of being able to seriously use the term “buttchess bongcloud” is kinda appealing

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Du petit lait :D
(accès libre)

Planning familial : les anti-trans, "cautions progressistes" des réacs
Derrière Marguerite Stern et Dora Moutot, une galaxie d'idéologies conservatrices, réactionnaires et d'extrême droite

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